What a great night for Bowie High School... on the road in hostile territory, strangeness everywhere. It is obvious that I am a band-parent, but under the Friday night lights, there's more to see, hear, feel, smell, and taste than just a band program. For instance, did you notice the best football game I've seen in years occurred in front of us? Also, thanks for the powerful halftime performance by the Round Rock Dragon Band.

It seems the web-page fashion these days is to layout photos so the user can scroll down the page to view photos. So start scrolling.
However, to see an image at its best, click on it to see it fill your screen
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This year I am presenting my photos full screen (1920 pixels wide by 1200 pixels tall) so everyone can enjoy an edge-to-edge photo experience, no matter if you have a smartphone, tablet, or hi-res monitor or big-screen TV at home.

These photos are intended for screen viewing. They are highly compressed JPG images that are just screen resolution so they will download and display faster in your browser. So save your expensive ink and paper -- These images won't print well. Some of you will find extremely sharp, tightly cropped images of your kid, and you may want a print or a full-resolution copy of that image. That's when you send an email to tell me about it: russell_pankratz@yahoo.com